Helping 2 Year Old Quinn Fight Leukemia

Embrace Life charity auction donations

Last week I saw a story in The Acorn, our local newspaper, about a fundraiser for 2 year old Quinn McMurtry of Oak Park. Quinn was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia and is undergoing cancer treatment at Childrens Hospital.

Some of you know that my daughter Faith spent a month in the Grossman Burn Center after a campfire accident when she was just 22 months old. When we were going through that difficult time many friends, family and strangers helped us with the financial and emotional burden of Faith’s treatments, including The Acorn by getting her story out there just like Quinn’s.

I just had to do something to help the McMurtry family! Embrace Life donated $1500 of studio credit to the silent auction held for Quinn this past Sunday. While it’s a small gesture, I know from personal experience that every little bit helps and knowing you have emotional and spiritual support is just as much of a relief as the financial support. If you think about Quinn, say a little prayer for her health and for her family in all they’re going through.

Fortunately, just before reading about the fundraiser for Quinn I had taken Faith out for a photo shoot. I chose to display one of my favorite photos from that shoot at the silent auction. As you can see, Faith is a happy, healthy child and has made a complete recovery:

Portrait of Faith in a Moorpark field

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  1. wow adam. i had no idea about your daughter. i hope this little boy is blessed the same way your Faith was.

  2. Aaron Horwitz

    Wow. Beautiful shot. The colors are amazing.