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London West Hollywood Wedding Photography Album Cover

Made as a Flushmount Luxe Album sample for our studio, this cover includes the words EMBRACE LIFE imprinted in black on the black, fine grain, genuine leather cover. Obviously, the biggest standout is the unconventional horizontal stripe of leopard print fabric. This London West Hollywood wedding photography album is full of leopard print details including: the wedding invitations; the bridesmaids' bathrobes and heels; the Pashminas that were handed out to the female guests attending the nighttime, rooftop wedding ceremony; throw pillows in the lounge area of the wedding reception; bows on the pink sandals available to guests who wanted to dance without their heels on; even the incredible wedding cake; leopard was everywhere! So, why not on the cover of the wedding album? The bride was so excited when she learned that we could do this for her wedding album. We loved it, too, and made a sample for ourselves.
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