I am so excited to be sharing this Engagement Session from Disneyland and California Adventure. And, not just because of the location, but because the bride is my best friend from high school (this is Amber, by the way). I can’t even tell you how excited I was when Angel and Leiderson were (finally) officially engaged. ;) And, I was very happy I was able to tag along when Adam shot their engagement portrait session. It was a perfect day and Adam created some incredible images from the shoot, which we are sharing with you now. Enjoy!

Disneyland Engagement Photographer - 04

This was a must have shot for Angel and Leiderson. Angel is a 911 Operator/Dispatcher and Leiderson is a Police Officer. It couldn’t be more perfect.

Disneyland Engagement Photographer - 02

Disneyland Engagement Photographer - 03

Disneyland Engagement Photography - 05

Disneyland Engagement Photography - 06

Disneyland Engagement Photography - 07

California Adventure Engagement Photographer - 08

California Adventure Engagement Photographer - 09

One reason Disneyland is a special place for Angel and Leiderson is the fact that one of their best memories together was running the Disney Half-Marathon in 2010. Before they were engaged, Leiderson bought a plaque in front of Disneyland thinking he might use that spot as a place to propose (he ended up proposing on a trip to New York in November 2010). And, in case you’re wondering, Achilles is Leiderson’s dog.

California Adventure Engagement Photographer - 10

Even though their engagement photo shoot was in the beginning of March, the decorations from Valentine’s Day were still up around the park, which they took advantage of.

California Adventure Engagement Photography - 11

California Adventure Engagement Photography - 12

California Adventure Engagement Photography - 13

Disneyland Resort Engagement Photographer - 14

Disneyland Resort Engagement Photographer - 15

Disneyland Resort Engagement Photographer - 16

Disneyland Photographer - 17

Disneyland Photographer - 01

This photograph was just voted the “Best of 2011” by our Embrace Life Facebook fans. This is one of my favorites, too. And, it is made even more special since it is from my best friend’s Engagement Shoot. Congrats you guys!