Encino Wedding Photography

Carly and Ben’s wedding took place at Valley Beth Shalom in Encino. This synagogue is HUGE! The ketubah signing, cocktail hour, wedding ceremony, and reception all took place in different rooms inside of VBS and there was an outdoor garden area for the portraits. My favorite part about Carly and Ben’s wedding was just how much fun they all had together and how much the love between Carly, Ben, their families and friends was evident throughout the day and night.

If you missed their Getty Villa engagement portraits, check them out, too!

Encino Wedding Photographer - 01

I love the old Hollywood glamour feeling of these portraits of Carly taken inside the bride’s prep room.

Encino Wedding Photographer - 02

Encino Wedding Photographer - 03

Encino Wedding Photographer - 04

The gorgeous flowers were arranged by Jackie Combs Floral Design, who always does amazing work.

Encino Wedding Photographer - 05

Encino Wedding Photographer - 06

Encino Wedding Photographer - 07

Encino Wedding Photographer - 08

Encino Wedding Photographer - 10

Encino Wedding Photographer - 11

Encino Wedding Photographer - 12

Encino Wedding Photographer - 13

This next image is worth taking a second to look at in detail. I just love the story it tells when you take the time to really look at it.

Encino Wedding Photographer - 14

Encino Wedding Photographer - 15

Encino Wedding Photographer - 16

Encino Wedding Photographer - 17

Encino Wedding Photographer - 18

Encino Wedding Photographer - 19

Encino Wedding Photographer - 20

Encino Wedding Photographer - 21

Encino Wedding Photographer - 23

Encino Wedding Photographer - 24

Encino Wedding Photographer - 22

Bob Gail Special Events provided the entertainment that kept the crowd dancing.

Encino Wedding Photographer - 25

Encino Wedding Photographer - 26

Encino Wedding Photographer - 27

Encino Wedding Photographer - 28

Encino Wedding Photographer - 29

Encino Wedding Photographer - 30

Mazel tov, Carly and Ben! Many blessings and all the best!

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  1. Carly Chohon

    Thank you so much to Adam and everyone at Embrace Life! You guys were really able to capture the true essence of our special day! Each picture is so perfect (and that makes my album choices that much harder!)!! We can’t thank you enough!!!

  2. Andrea Rosenkranz

    I think that my favorite photo is the one of grandma. Oh, and thanks for making my calves look good!

  3. I just have to say that these are the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seen, and believe me, I have seen A LOT lately! It seems like every week someone else is getting married and posting photos. Honestly, these are GORGEOUS photos. You do fabulous work. I only wish I lived in California so I could recommend you and even use you someday!

  4. Debbie Rosenkranz

    You have captured the beauty and essence of the wedding. The portraits are especially moving.

  5. Idy leclerc

    Congrats Carly and Ben! Amazing job Embrace Life – if I’m ever in California and getting married, I will DEFINITELY look you guys up!

  6. Loraine Scott

    These photos are definitely at the top of my list of wedding photos! They are absolutely beautiful.

  7. Lori Hoffman

    Perfect photos! My favorite is the one of Carly with her dress laid out so beautifully behind her. It reminds me of a photo from my mother’s wedding; very retro.

  8. Dawn Denney

    These pictures all look great! The colors are all so vibrant and beautiful! Great job by Embrace Life, I wish we had been able to have some family photos taken!

  9. Meagan Kyle

    The photos are wonderful!

  10. Joshua Heberling

    Some of my favorite wedding pictures ever!

  11. Jacki Smith

    Beautiful photos! The pictures taken outside have such bold colors. They turned out great…looks like a fun day!

  12. Kara Kudron

    Wow you guys look great. I thought the photographer did an awesome job!!! I wish they were here in Nebraska!!!

  13. Patti Howard

    What a beautiful wedding! You were a stunning bride – the pictures are fantastic.
    I can’t wait to see more of your special day!!

  14. The pictures are beautiful!

  15. Sybil Prince

    I love these pictures — beautiful!

  16. I wish the photographer was around when Mike and I got married years ago! Beautiful pictures that will give the bride and groom a life time of memories!

  17. Wonderful pictures Carly, congratulations on your wedding, you made a stunning bride!

  18. Yvette Harrell

    So Beautiful! Makes me want to get married again! Thanks for sharing! :)

  19. Scott Golditch

    It’s hard for me to admit this, given that both Carly and Ben are Chicago Bears fans, but the pictures look great!

  20. great eye, beautiful photography!!! I love the photo’s of the bride at the beginning in b&w.

  21. Carly and Ben look amazing! Adam- great job (again)!

  22. Kristin Firkins

    Wow! You and your families are beautiful! Congrats:)

  23. Monica Lacher

    The photography is beautiful. These pictures really tell the story of Carly & Ben’s wedding!! I especially love the family photo at the end!

  24. Muriel Rosenkranz

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful wedding!! Your photography is outstanding.I will treasure these pictures forever.

  25. Lois Chohon

    Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding, beautiful photos, great memories. So glad it was all captured so perfectly.

  26. Mansoor Doriwala

    Amazing pictures!

  27. Alice Kudron

    Beautiful job on the photographs! Portrays what a great time had by all at the wedding of a beautiful couple!

  28. Lindsey Rothberg

    What a beautiful couple! Carly you made a gorgeous bride, you are absolutely glowing in every photograph. Amazing pictures and the one of the back of your dress, stunning!

  29. Yvette Harrell

    I Love it! Love it! Love it! Makes me want to get married all over again. ;) Thanks for sharing girlie & again Congratulations & Best Wishes to you & Ben.


  30. marian victor

    The pictures are fantastic!! Some are so original and interesting. The photographer really was able to capture the beauty of the day. Great job!!And of course EVERYBODY looks incredible.

  31. Beautiful photos – you both look so happy…

  32. Wedding was doooooooope!

  33. Karen Meisels

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures! You really captured the radiance of the evening. Congratulations to you both!

  34. Nichole Gardner

    I love all of these pictures, but especially the sepia ones and the ones of just the dress and shoes.

  35. Leslie Menendez

    Helloooo, this album is GORGEOUS!!! The purple hues, the flowers, the dress, everything was stunning and beautifully depicted in the photographs. Congrats, Carly & Ben!! xox

  36. Kara Kudron

    Wonderful pictures!!! It was definently an awesome event!!!

  37. Beautiful photos! I’m so happy we could be there to celebrate with you both!! xoxo

  38. These are the most amazing photos! A beautiful bride, beautiful flowers…and what a great bridal party!

  39. Veronica Meisels

    carly, I am bad… I can’t pick one. I loved all the pictures – the way you were with your MOM and Dad and the special look of love in Ben’s Eyes!!! And of course Magda dancing is fatastic!!!!!

  40. Embrace Life strikes again!! Beautiful work Adam and beautiful wedding!!

  41. Deena Etienne (Loomis)

    Carly: Absolutely amazing! Everything looked incredibly perfect- what a celebration. Your photos are stunningly gorgeous! I wish you guys the best and many many years of continued happiness together. Mazel tov!!!!

  42. Michelle Meisels

    The pictures are all gorgeous. I especially like the B&W photos and the one of the family at the end!!

  43. Love the photos and how well they captured such an amazing day for Carly and Ben.

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