It is hard to believe we are already half way through the year! Wedding season has been in full swing for a few months now and we have been busy capturing beautiful weddings for some pretty incredible brides and grooms. I am so happy to finally be sharing this wedding that had one of the top 3 images from our 2013 Year In Review. We already posted the full 1st Place Family Portrait Session and the entire 2nd Place Newport Beach Engagement Session. So, today we are sharing the extended blog post that the 3rd Place Year In Review photograph came from.

I can’t even express how excited I am to finally be sharing Erica and Nick’s unforgettable wedding at the Four Seasons Westlake. I had mentioned before when I posted their Engagement Session photographs (which you can see here), that we have been lucky enough to call Erica a friend for more than a decade. So, the fact that we have been able to be there for all of these life events has been a blessing. Not only did Erica and Nick just celebrate their 1 year wedding anniversary a few weeks ago, but they are also expecting their 1st baby in the fall! We are so excited for them and can’t wait to see them start the next chapter in their life together. Until then, we are thrilled to be able to share their beautiful wedding photographs.

Four Seasons Westlake Wedding Photography - 01

Four Seasons Westlake Wedding Photography - 02

Four Seasons Westlake Wedding Photography - 03

Four Seasons Westlake Wedding Portraits - 04

Four Seasons Westlake Wedding Portraits - 05

Four Seasons Westlake Wedding Portraits - 06

Four Seasons Westlake Wedding Photos - 07

Four Seasons Westlake Wedding Photos - 08

Four Seasons Westlake Wedding Photos - 09

Four Seasons Wedding Photography - 10

Four Seasons Wedding Photography - 11

Four Seasons Wedding Photography - 12

Four Seasons Wedding Portraits - 13

Four Seasons Wedding Portraits - 14

Four Seasons Wedding Portraits - 15

Four Seasons Wedding Photos - 16

Four Seasons Wedding Photos - 17

Four Seasons Wedding Photos - 18

Despite the 105 degree weather, Brad Austin Imaginative Florals were able to create the most exquisite chuppah I have ever seen. Just look at it! It was the perfect backdrop for a wedding that Erica had envisioned taking place in a garden. Stacy Porras and her team did an incredible job bringing Erica’s vision to life.

Four Seasons Westlake Wedding Ceremony - 19

Four Seasons Westlake Wedding Ceremony - 20

Four Seasons Westlake Wedding Ceremony - 21

Four Seasons Wedding Ceremony - 22

Four Seasons Wedding Ceremony - 23

Four Seasons Wedding Ceremony - 24

Four Seasons Wedding Photography - 25

Four Seasons Wedding Photography - 26

Four Seasons Wedding Photography - 27

Westlake Hotel Wedding Photography - 28

Westlake Hotel Wedding Photography - 29

Westlake Hotel Wedding Photography - 30

Westlake Hotel Wedding Photography - 31

Four Seasons Wedding Reception - 32

Four Seasons Wedding Reception - 33

Four Seasons Wedding Reception - 34

Four Seasons Wedding Reception - 35

Four Seasons Westlake Wedding Reception - 36

Four Seasons Westlake Wedding Reception - 37

Four Seasons Westlake Wedding Reception - 38

Westlake Wedding Photography - 39

Westlake Wedding Photography - 40

Westlake Wedding Photography - 41

Los Angeles Wedding Photography - 42

The next few images come with the best story. Around the time of the wedding, Erica’s brother (who was also one of the groomsmen) had been thinking about a good way to propose to his girlfriend (one of Erica’s bridesmaids). Erica begged her brother to propose at the wedding as a present to her. They came up with an entire plan that only a handful of people knew about. When it was finally time for the bouquet toss, I actually had butterflies in my stomach I was so excited. =)

Los Angeles Proposal Photography - 43

Instead of throwing the bouquet, Erica turned around and walked over to her brother’s girlfriend and handed her the bouquet. The reaction to that alone was awesome. But, when the bride’s brother walked over and got down on his knee EVERYONE was completely surprised. You can just see the pure happiness on everyone’s faces. It was definitely an unforgettable experience.

Los Angeles Proposal Photography - 44

Of course, she said “yes” and we had the honor of photographing their wedding about a month ago. I am pretty sure this is the best bouquet toss in the history of weddings.

Los Angeles Proposal Photography - 45

Los Angeles Wedding Photography - 46

Los Angeles Wedding Photography - 47

Los Angeles Wedding Photography - 48

Los Angeles Wedding Photography - 49

Four Seasons Wedding Photography - 50

You can also check out the 25 Ans magazine feature of this wedding, right here on our blog. If you can’t get enough, here’s Erica and Nick’s Four Seasons Westlake Village wedding gallery page.

Also, a HUGE thank you to the awesome team that made our job easy by creating this magnificent wedding.

Event Planner: Porras Wedding Consulting / Florist: Brad Austin Imaginative Florals / Video: BGS Productions / Entertainment: West Coast Music / Stationary: The Paper Door / Venue: Four Seasons Westlake