Oh man… it’s been too long since my last update!  Life’s been busy.  I’ve been meeting with lots of great couples about their 2009 weddings and searching for our new office location (finally found one!).  Now that we have the office space I’ve been busy furnishing it.  I’ll post pictures as soon as it’s ready!  (I got an orange, yes orange sofa for it!).

Anyway, you may remember my post called “Love These Albums!” from the old blog, which showed Jane and Brett’s custom wedding album.  Well, they had it made again in leather and it looks very classy.  Check it out:

Leather Cover Custom Album 1

Leather Cover Custom Album 2

They also ordered a great custom folio album for Brett’s dad and step-mom:

Custom Folio Album 1

Custom Folio Album 2

Custom Folio Album 3

Custom Folio Album 4