Back in April I was asked by Abby and Jay to create portraits of the two of them in Topanga State Park, which is basically their back yard. They love where they live and thought it would be great to capture this time in their lives together at a place where they often walk and enjoy time together. Who can blame them? What a beautiful place!

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer - 01

Here’s a video of the coffee table book we made for them. (Sorry if it looks like my hands are attacking pages – I’m such an oaf! These videos are so much more graceful when Amber is my hand model.)

[Video Currently Unavailable – Please Check Back Soon]

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer - 02

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer - 03

Los Angeles Portrait Photographer - 04

Los Angeles Portrait Photographer - 05

Los Angeles Portrait Photographer - 06

Los Angeles Engagement Photographer - 07

Los Angeles Engagement Photographer - 08

Los Angeles Engagement Photographer - 09

Los Angeles Proposal Photographer - 10

Los Angeles Proposal Photographer - 11

Los Angeles Proposal Photographer - 12

Thank you Abby and Jay for the opportunity! It was a lot of fun and your love for each other is infectious.