Westlake Village Wedding Photography Album

Just like every other time a client album is ready for delivery, I found it very hard to part with this one! I wanted to keep it as a sample. Alas, it’s not mine to keep. So, we’re showing you a video of Kelsey and Corey’s gorgeous Hand Crafted Elegant Album instead. This album was purchased for the bride, as a surprise gift, from her sister who lives out of state. How cool is that?? What a gift!

[Video Currently Unavailable – Please Check Back Soon]

The cover was a really nice combination of Endive Japanese Book Cloth and an Ivory leatherette with modern, silver lettering and page guilding.

Lake Sherwood Wedding Photographer

Lake Sherwood Wedding Photographer

The mat pages were a subtle combination of white mat above an ivory liner, which gives the photographs a beautifully soft separation from the page. My wife and I were married at this exact same spot (how stunning is that view, by the way?) just about eight years ago!

Lake Sherwood Wedding Photographer

Lake Sherwood Wedding Photographer

Embrace Life associate photographer, Steve, did an incredible job capturing Kelsey and Corey’s lakeside wedding at Lake Sherwood. Everyone has been raving about the photographs and how “invisible” Steve was on the wedding day. Like a photography ninja! =)

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  1. David Willis

    Love it. Thanks for posting.

  2. Missy Stevens

    I will say it for the hundredth time: you are a genius! Your work is unmatched in capturing the event, the emotion and the heart.

  3. EmbraceLife

    Thank you David and Missy. The only credit I can take is for the album design. My associate photographer, Steve, did the photography for this wedding. =)

  4. Unreal location… Thanks for passing your work along… I am inspired.

  5. This is a great spot and amazing photos! I’d love to know where this is at to check it out myself! Thank you!

  6. Your site is amazing. I loved the video for this album! Where was the location?

  7. EmbraceLife

    Thank you, Chanel! It’s a private residence on Lake Sherwood.