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Santa Monica Pier Signage
Santa Monica Ferris Wheel and Coastline
Santa Monica Proposal Photographer
Surprise Proposal Photographed on the Santa Monica Pier
Marriage Proposal Photographed on the Santa Monica Pier
Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring on Santa Monica Pier
Engagement Couple Just After Santa Monica Proposal
Engaged Couple Kissing at the end of Santa Monica Pier
Proposal at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier
Colorful Santa Monica Proposal Photograph
Beach Proposal Photography in Santa Monica, California
Sunset Proposal on the Beach in Santa Monica, CA
Disney Concert Hall Architecture in Los Angeles, CA
Disney Concert Hall Flowers and Architecture
Limousine Arrives at Disney Concert Hall Proposal
Cute Proposal Idea

Surprise Proposal Photography

Los Angeles Proposal Photographer

Surprise marriage proposals documented by Los Angeles engagement and wedding photographers, Embrace Life Photography.

Photographing the moment that a man proposes marriage to the woman of his dreams is an honor and privilege. Some proposals are incredibly elaborate, while others are more of an intimate moment, but the reactions are always beautiful and exciting, and the newly engaged couples are radiant with happiness.

People are always asking recently engaged women, "how did he propose?". For those fortunate enough to have had their proposal photographed, that question can be answered with the aide of beautiful images.

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